Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Elsa Schiaparelli

When I studied fashion buying and merchandising one of my fav subjects was fashion history, and one of designers to learn about was Elsa Schiaprelli. Today it was announced the brand has hired a a new CEO - former L'Oreal fragrance brand manager Camilla Schiavone. It is also thought that a new creative director will be named in September. Rumours of John Galliano getting the job have been denied.

Schiaparelli was an Italien designer born in 1890. The reason she is one of my favourite designers is the quirkiness she braught to the fashion industry. Something that was not seen before. A black sweater with a white trompe l'oeil scarf at the neck was a particular success and was selected to appear in French Vogue. (seen above) Trompe l'oeil images were her trademark. She eventually added sportswear and evening wear to her collections. She became well-known for her collaborations with artists such as Salvador Dali, and the outrageous, original designs they created together.

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